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For 60 years, CGF has been developing a highly specialised know-how: printing on thin supports laminated onto compact cardboard.

This technology has enormous functional, economic and ecological benefits.

. Development in Europe to assist those of our customers who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring this aspect, and serve new customers in the European territory,

. Innovation so as to provide new solutions to industries in the food-processing sector and new fields of activity,

. Excellence in terms of the quality and safety of the goods we produce, and ethical and ecological responsibility.

As part of this plan, and in order to facilitate relations with all our partners, we have decided to simplify our trade mark, which now becomes CGF as from January 2008, thus formalising an already established custom.

The extraordinary loyalty of our customers is the best encouragement we could have to move forward with optimism and determination.

A new look for the CGFCI which becomes CGF!

As part of the strategy of development, innovation and excellence implemented by the company and to facilitate relations with all ou...

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